Read your way through the end of the world with Anna and the Apocalypse!

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Honestly the zombie apocalypse gets far too negative a rap.

Sure, the world has gone to undead hell in a handbasket and life as you know it is over – and yes that sadly includes watching Netflix and the buying of pop culture memorabilia on Ebay – BUT, and this is an important BUT, you know have all the time in the world to read all those books sitting on your terrifyingly-high TBR pile.

With no work to commute to, no bills to pay and no shopping to do, and hopefully, best case scenario here, an apartment high up from the zombie action stocked with food, water and toilet paper, you can stretch back, crack open a novel and read to your heart’s content.


(cover image via Bloody Disgusting)


Being the meta-kinda person you are, you will of course be reading the novel tie-in to Anna and the Apocalypse by Katherine Turner with Barry Waldo who are, as it turns out very excited about writing the book:

“Anna and the Apocalypse is a wonderfully realized world, full of strong characters, epic friendships and gripping adventure. The book gave us the chance to delve deeper into relatable, kick-ass characters and really dig into their lives and relationships. The Anna universe is so full of heart and so much fun to explore, it was just a gift to us as writers. It’s definitely the best zombie high school Christmas horror comedy book we’ve ever written!” (Bloody Disgusting)

No word of how excited they are about the zombie apocalypse itself – likely not very despite the wonderful benefits I have laid out – but they’re excitement about the book itself sounds well-deserved.

We get to find out how much fun it will be on 23 October, just in time for yes, Halloween.


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