Saving the universe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 style, one LEGO brick at a time

(image via YouTube (c) Huxley Berg Studios)


I think it is pretty much a given that everything in the world is better when it’s LEGO-fied?

The Mona Lisa? Of course. Wandering through the park on a fine summer’s day? It goes without saying? What about saving the universe, for a second time no less? As if you wouldn’t brick-ify that!

Thankfully Huxley Berg Studios recognise the importance of #alltheLEGOS in every aspect of life, and have given us a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer that is sure to please every last one of our inner children.

And as IO9 Gizmodo points out,, they have gone to a considerable amount of trouble to create this mini-masterpiece:

“Unlike the Lego movies, which use photo-realistic computer graphics to make it look like the characters and other Lego set pieces were built and animated by hand, Huxley Berg Studios uses traditional stop-motion and photography techniques. The process is painstaking, but the results are charming—and a lot cheaper when you’re not working with a Hollywood-caliber budget.”


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