#Eurovision 2021 cultural festival: 5 Dutch music artists – Pink Oculus, De Staat, Fatima Yamaha, My Baby, BEA1991

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is delivering a ton of great and quirky music in the Netherlands’ city of Rotterdam but what about music made in the country itself? Some of it will be featured during the semi-finals and grand final, a nod to the Eurovision tradition of showcasing the Continue Reading

Road to Eurovision 2021: Week 7 – The Big 6 – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

What is the Eurovision Song Contest?Started way back in 1956 as a way of drawing a fractured Europe back together with the healing power of music, the Eurovision Song Contest, or Concours Eurovision de la Chanson – the contest is telecast in both English and French – is open to Continue Reading