Fear the Walking Dead: S7, E 7 & 8 review + World Beyond: S2, E 9 & 10 review

THE WORLD BEYOND: “Death and the Dead” / “The Last Night” SPOILERS AHEAD … IT’S THE END, MY FRIEND, THE END … AND THE BEGINNING … The final two episodes EVER of World Beyond – unlike its stablemates, the show was only ever designed to be a limited series and Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: S7, E 5 & 6 review + World Beyond: S2, E 7 & 8 review

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD FOR “TILL DEATH” AND “RECLAMATION” … You could be forgiven for thinking, and yes, that is still possible even in the midst of the apocalypse, that there’d be precious little humanity left in a landscape given over not only to the dead but also Continue Reading

World Beyond: “Quatervois” and “Who Are You?” (S2, E 5 & 6 review) / Fear the Walking Dead: “Cindy Hawkins” and “Breathe With Me” (S7, E 3 & 4 review)

THE WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND SPOILERS AHEAD … SNEAKING AROUND, ESPIONAGE AND BLACKOUTS AT PRECISELY THE RIGHT, AND WRONG, MOMENTS … Operation take down the CRM is in full swing in Quatervois” and “Who Are You?” which sees a plan to bust-em-outta-twisted-utopia quickly morph into “taking down the man!” thanks Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “The Beacon” and “Six Hours” (S7, E 1 & 2 review) / World Beyond: “Exit Wounds” and “Family is a Four Letter Word” (S2, E 3 & 4 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD … IRRADIATED ZOMBIES, NARRATIVELY CONVENIENT RADIATION LEVELS AND UNNECESSARY NEGAN-NESS … Hands up those of you who, on top of a zombie apocalypse and a nuclease fallout-saturated landscape want another Negan-style Big Bad? Yes, yes I see you hardcore, rusted-on The Walking Dead watchers, Continue Reading

New zombies! Fear the Walking Dead (season 7) and World Beyond (season 2) SDCC 2021 reveals

You have to hand it to The Walking Dead franchise. If it wasn’t bad enough having the dead walking around you and wanting to chow down you at every opportunity, now survivors have to contend with an irradiated wasteland (Fear the Walking Dead) or being stuck between a destroyed home Continue Reading