The short and the short of it: “Acorn” goes searching for his place in the world

(image via YouTube (c) Madeline Sharafian)

CalArts student Madeline Sharafian, whose work we’ve previously posted, has created Acorn, a short animated film that tells the story of a tiny acorn who was ripped from the loving limbs of a giant oak by strong wind and forced to make his own way to find a place in the world. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

Growing up is kinda scary!

Exciting and thrilling and ripe with possibility … but also scary.

When an acorn falls off a mighty oak tree during a period of high wind, he’s a little unsure about what to do next.

His fellow acorns take the easy way and plant themselves very close to their parent tree but our plucky acorn, the titular protagonist of CalArts student Madeline Sharafian, decides to set out and find his own way in the world, a supremely affecting act of bravery that you just know will be rewarded with a plum spot in which to grow.

But nothing great comes easily and through this utterly charming short animated film, we witness our intrepid nascent oak tree try and fail to find his forever home.

Acorn is a delight in every way – dialogue-less with evocatively sweet music by Michael Kennedy, it conveys a lot in its brief running time, underscoring that great transitions might be scary but they can also be quite wonderful.

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