The short and the short of it: EVE captures humanity’s final mesmerising moments

(image via First Showing)
(image via First Showing)


A 3D movie set in a futuristic & poetic universe without any dialog. The last moments of humanity on earth before nature resumes his duties. Eve is a short film shot and imagined in 3D with a professional filmmaking team, including Joséphine Derobe as the 3D stereographer, who worked on Pina by Wim Wenders. It’s both written and directed by French filmmaker Eric Gandois, who was a storyboard artist on Lucy and From Paris with Love. Featuring cinematography by Antoine Monod, and VFX by La Maison. (synopsis (c) First Showing)

Eve, by French concept artist turned filmmaker Eric Gandois, is a mesmerisingly beautiful short film.

Set in a future where life on the surface is increasingly inimical, if not downright hostile to life – although as we see at one point there is still hope and life may yet find a way – it features no dialogue, opting instead for suggestions of threat & menace, of hope springing alive once again and of peace and belonging.

The woman who forms the centre of the wordless but intensely evocative narrative, played by Delphine Chaneac (Splice), lives below ground with her partner, their lives dependent on the fans that whir constantly above and around them.

When the fans stop, the woman is forced to confront her mortality and that of the man lying peacefully beside her, all too aware that life hangs in the balance, its fraying thread close to unraveling completely.

It takes a supremely-talented filmmaker to convey a sense of time and place, of fully-fleshed out characterisation and vividly-realised storytelling without one word being uttered but Grandois manages it in the most engrossingly immersive of ways.

Eve may only be 6 minutes long but in that short period of time you live what feels like a lifetime with the woman and her sleeping partner, reminded in the most understatedly powerful of ways that great menace is always matched. if you look for it, by great hope.

And therein lies humanity’s salvation, now and well into the future.


Shortfilm EVE (2D version) from Eric Gandois on Vimeo.

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