The short and the short of it: Meet the delightfully creepy critters of Dark Dark Woods

(image (c) Animation Workshop)


Young princess Maria has had about enough of her royal life – it’s all lesson, responsibilities and duties on top of each other, every hour of every day. Overwhelmed, Maria is swept away on an adventure into the monster-filled dark, dark woods. (synopsis courtesy Vimeo)

Created by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark Dark, Dark Woods is a delight in every sense of the word.

It tells the story of a young princess who hates the stultifying confines of the castle in which she lives and the neverending list of things she must master as the (presumably) future ruler of the Kingdom.

Thus her days are spent decked out in fairly drab, formal medieval ladieswear learning how to sew, create beautiful art, play the lyre and on and on it snoringly goes.

Like any young girl with a youthful spirit, she wants to be out in the dark, dark woods hanging out with the magical creatures there, a wish that is granted and which has some beautiful aftereffects.

It’s an absolute joy to watch, a dialogue-free tour de force that entrancingly works its magic so effectively you might find yourself wanting to jump up and down on your bed like your 6 years old again.

(source: io9 Gizmodo)


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