The short and the short of it: The hilarious life realities of The Heist

(image via YouTube (c) Superbrankman)


Ever have those daydream-y moments where you muse about what it would be like to do something way out of the ordinary?

Sail a boat to France from Sydney, Australia? Stage a dinner party for 100 guests? Watch wildebeest migrating en masse across the Serengeti?

Or perhaps, you know, robbing a bank?

Maybe not such a good as The Heist, a delightfully funny, gorgeously animated short film by Queens animator Branko Kljajic a.k.a. SuperBrankman makes gloriously and hilariously clear.

It’s sharp, full of punchy dialogue, engaging characters and a sitcom-worthy storyline that proves above all that you may get further, figuratively and literally, setting sail for Marseilles.

(source: Laughing Squid)


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