The short and the short of it: The intriguing stopmotion beauty of Fabricated

(image via IMDb (c) bfophoto)


A stop-motion film ten years in the making, ‘Fabricated’ is a journey through an alien world which was once our own. (synopsis via Vimeo)

There is not a lot of correlation, in general, between the natural and mechanical worlds, the two quite inimical to each other in a whole host of ways.

But filmmaker Brett Foxwell has found a way to bridge that seemingly to join together gap with his gorgeously-rendered stop-motion animated film Fabricated which infuses an apocalyptically-industrial landscape with the natural rhythms and thirst for life and survival of the natural world.

A labour of love that took him a decade to bring to fruition, inspired by that melding of the natural and the mechanical, according to an interview with Gizmodo:

“This story came to me as I was starting to teach myself metalwork and machining. With access to a machine shop, the world of fabrication opened up to me. I began to dream of a mechanical world rebuilding itself and trying to imitate organic life with the skeletons, the machines, and the industrial aesthetic that we will leave behind. Creatures would be assembled from discarded parts and then released into this world. The film follows one of these creatures on its journey.”

His vision has been released in the most exquisitely-beautiful ways and I guarantee that if you take the time to watch the film, you will be entranced by the evocative story that Foxwell tells, and may gain a new appreciation for the wonders of the world around us … and what may yet result from it.



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