The stars of “Community” speak out!

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As anyone whose familiar with this comedy gem will know, its home network in the USA, NBC, has played fast and loose with its airing dates, with fans never quite sure when, and sometimes, alarmingly, if the show, whose tagline is #sixseasonsandamovie on Twitter, would return.

As I documented in this post on the delays with airing the much-anticipated season 4, Community has been pushed onto the back burner again, along with another sitcom Whitney, and to date, NBC hasn’t committed to an exact screening date.

While I am sure both cast and crew aren’t happy about these developments, they have taken the high road and chosen to poke a little fun … OK a lot of fun … at the delayed start date which was, and it’s important you know this before watching the video, October 19th.




Yep just remember that whenever you wonder if it will ever show, that when it does “it will be on October 19th … in here (hand over heart)”.

I am moved to tears just thinking about how beautiful that day will be …

But soon right NBC, SOON?


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On another note, the season 3 DVD of Community has just been released into Australia and to mark its release the Sydney Morning Herald published this awesomely good interview with two of the show’s stars Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs.

It covers the fierce loyalty of Community‘s ardent fan base and the prevalence and passionate commitment of the “Save Community” groups, why they love working on the show, and how “weird” it is that the whole cast like each other so much (apparently that’s not the case with every TV show out there).

It’s funny, info-filled, and well worth a read.



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