Leopard seal vs. penguin: Fast, tension-filled natural battle from BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet

(image via YouTUbe (c) BBC)

Ever heard someone complain that nature is “BORING”?

It happens all the time but clearly these people have never watched a single moment from a BBC nature documentary, such as the just started screening David Attenborough-narrated series Seven Worlds, One Planet which documents, among many other wonders of the natural world, a titanically fast-paced, edge-of-your-iceberg battle between a leopard seal and a penguin in the icy wilds of Antarctica.

It’s a ridiculously full-on thrill ride for survival that will leave you in no doubt that nature is no ice floe-fringed walk in the park and a million frigid miles away from boring.

Throw in the knowledgeable, dulcet tones of David Attenborough and you have another unique window into the marvellous world, or is that worlds, that is our brilliantly-expansive planet.

Seven Worlds, One Planet is currently screening on BBC.

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