The things we do to SURVIVE: New The Walking Dead season 5 poster

(image (c) AMC via hypable)
(image (c) AMC via hypable)


You may well be thinking to yourself “Did we not just finish season 4, and isn’t season 5 an agonisingly long seven months in the far off wilds of October when we could well be up to your necks in the chomping undead for real?”

You would be right on both counts, of course – although frankly you are thinking far too much and October isn’t that far away really; best stock up on Halloween candy now I think – but it is never too early to begin pondering what might lie ahead for Rick and his fellow railway car-imprisoned survivors.

It’s a truism that my good pop culture-loving friend Rachel Tsoumbakos, an author of extraordinarily good paranormal and horror fiction, has happily observed for quite some time now with her season-predictive conspiracy theories page, into which are piled all manner of conjecture and speculation about future The Walking Dead developments.

As time goes by, each of the theories is rated with a red “Theory busted!”, green “Theory confirmed!” or blue “Extra commentary” status, giving the readers of Rachel’s blog the chance to wallow in all manner of wanton speculation far ahead of the airing of the episodes in which the ideas floated will either happen, not happen, or we will wish they had happened.

The season 5 page is up now and makes for some fun reading (if you consider possibly psychotic cannibalistic survivors, brutal fights for life and suspect BBQs fun of course)

AMC, who bring The Walking Dead to life (or un-death as the case may be) and to our screens each season, have also got an early move on season 5, releasing the poetically-melancholic poster above.

Recalling the dramatically-rich posters released for the season 4  finale “A”, it is a poignant portrayal of Rick, the emotional heart and soul of the series, a man lost in thought with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the lives of many people in his hands.

And given we left Rick and many of his intrepid band (plus a few ring-ins) trapped in a railway car marked with the letter “A” in a compound full of people who seem rather well fed for survivors of civilisation-ending apocalypse, a moment or 300 lost in intense contemplation might be just what is needed to survive the dire predicament in which they find themselves.

Quite what all that ruminating will produce won’t reveal itself ’til October but in the meantime we can ponder, speculate, and wonder what the hell we’re going to do with our Sunday nights (or Monday nights if you’re in Australia).

* And if you think Rachel Tsoumbakos is alone wondering what lies ahead in season 5, think again. Here’s YouTube user Trevschan2’s thoughts on the zombie-filled road ahead …


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