The top ten dares of Dash & Lily ranked for your festive viewing pleasure

(cover image courtesy Allen & Unwin)

Which Dash & Lily dare is the most daring? Once Lily (Midori Francis) challenges Dash (Austin Abrams) to a simple dare via a red notebook, he retaliates with a dare of his own, sparking a series of escalating challenges. Which one was #1? Watch to find out! (synopsis via YouTube (c) Netflix)

There is so much that is delightful about Dash & Lily, currently streaming on Netflix, that not even one review by yours truly was enough to contain all its heartfelt, Christmassy, romantic wonder and loveliness.

But one thing you can quickly and easily say about the eight most love and life-affirming episodes of any program to grace the blighted hellishness of 2020, is how much fun the dares that are the central part of the narrative are to watch.

Never cruel or awful but always boundary pushing, the dares, whether they’re about weird pie eating requirements or going to see a neighbourhood given over to riotously colourful displays when you’re a Grinch, are always about two people getting to know each other.

Which they do, and its wonderful and its heartwarming and also lots of fun so having them all grouped together in this video is a joy.

Watch and enjoy and make sure you catch Dash & Lily on Netflix.

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