On 12th day of Christmas … I listened to A Holly Dolly Christmas by Dolly Parton

As you might expect from a bright, larger than life personality like Dolly Parton, Holly Dolly Christmas, her new Christmas album and the successor to 1990’s Home For Christmas, opens on a joyously upbeat note with “Holly Jolly Christmas” that starts off an album with exactly the right kind of Continue Reading

On 11th day of Christmas … I put 15 more pop culture ornaments on my tree incl. Toy Story, Back to the Future, The Muppet Show, Aquaman, The Golden Girls

Remember how I said I bought a LOT of ornaments this year? Well, here’s proof I wasn’t lying! All kinds of things contributed to my ornaments binge, among them the fact that if you see an ornament of a particular character on eBay then you must grab it or you’ll Continue Reading

This #Christmas I re-watched festive classic Home Alone

Time can play tricks on your mind. Not simply in the whole nostalgia-warping-everything-to-make-it-seem-better space but in over-emphasising certain parts of a something you love, such, oh say, a movie, over others to the point where your perceptions of what actually take place don’t actually represent the totality of what you Continue Reading

On 10th day of Christmas … I listened to My Gift by Carrie Underwood

In its calmer moments, and yes, Christmas does have them, there is a hush and reverence to proceedings that calls for music that speaks to that quiet place of contemplation, love and thoughtfulness. Carrie Underwood’s My Gift is the perfect soundtrack for those moments, offering up a largely traditional slate Continue Reading