There’s a little magic in all of us … almost all of us: Encanto (new trailer and poster)

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

This Fall, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ all-new film Encanto takes you to Colombia, where a magical family live in a magical home. The film is centered on a young girl and her family in Colombia, who all have magical powers, but, sadly, the young girl has no powers. Encanto is directed by filmmakers Byron Howard (director of Bolt, Tangled, Zootopia) & Jared Bush (director of Zootopia, creator of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero), co-directed by Charise Castro Smith – a Cuban-American playwright / producer (The Exorcist, Sweetbitter TV series). The screenplay is co-written by Charise Castro Smith and Jared Bush. Featuring songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Produced by Yvett Merino Flores & Clark Spencer. (synopsis courtesy of First Showing)

Feeling like the odd one out is never much fun.

Especially when it’s your family that you’re not fully a part of because they all have magical gifts, you, rather manifestly, do not.

But in Disney’s Encanto, you can’t help but know that somewhere, somehow the outcast of sorts will become the hero of the story, saving the magic that underpins the rich family life of a magical Colombian family.

In fact, Encanto looks like it sets just the right redemptive and hopeful, not to mention gorgeously colourful, tone in a year where keeping hopeful has begun to feel all but impossible.

Thankfully we are reminded in this film that hope is always there and will always answer our call.

Just don’t expect the toucans to keep you company while you save the day, OK?

Encanto premieres in USA on 24 November, Australia on 25 November and UK on 26 November 2021.

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