Time is ticking tocking away for Continuum in the trailer for its final season

Kiera faces one last battle  against the forces of fate and time (image via Spoiler TV (c) syfy)
Kiera faces one last battle against the forces of fate and time (image via Spoiler TV (c) syfy)


Why syfy why?!

(*add agonised wailing and gnashing of teeth, and if you’re Old Testament Biblically-inclined, maybe even some sackcloth and ashes; yes it’s that serious)

Why must you end series so earlier in their runs? Why shoot the horse – relax! It’s a metaphorical horse – before it’s even finished the race?

They did it with Eureka, and Sanctuary and, Helix … no, wait scratch that last one; it deserved a quick and merciful death … and now they’re doing it with Continuum.

Granted it coughed and spluttered here and there, and pretty much fumbled around in season 2, but season 3 was a corker and promised so much more storytelling about a group of disparate people all transported from the future to our present, each with their own time-altering agenda.

To date, it’s mixed social commentary such as the role of corporations and what is terrorism exactly (one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter) with some political procedural with a little realpolitik and a reasonable healthy dose of fatalistic melodrama.

And now in just 6 short episodes, just after an season 3-ending episode where soldiers from the future invaded modern Vancouver (with no sign of Doctor Who to stop them) to the shock of well, pretty much everyone, most especially newly in love Kiera (Rachel Nichols) and Brad (Ryan Tonkin), it’s all about to be over, very over.

Here’s hoping Continuum, unlike one other show I could mention – *cough!* Falling Skies *cough!* – uses it’s time well and ends things with a temporal bang and not a whimper.

If Kellogg (Stephen Lobo), still fighting for his own neck and no one else’s has anything to do with it, it most certainly will.

Continuum returns for its final season on 4 September in Canada and 11 September in USA on syfy; date for Australia TBA.


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