Too good to be true? Donny the Drone comes alive ready to save the world

(image via YouTube (c) DUST)


The film opens in 2022, as Donny – a mapping drone who “woke up” after a midair collision with a bird, and now speaks with the lulling cadence of a new age guru – is being presented with a “Person of the Year” award. Since his transformation, he explains, he’s devoted himself to being an ambassador for machines’ ability to help people. But despite Donny’s big award, not everybody embraces his philosophy – or his vision for humanity’s future. (source: io9)

C’mon you know the type.

They have an epiphanic Road to Damascus moment, see the world more clearly and become convinced they have been granted a special perspective unavailable to the rest of us mere mortals.

Everything’s fine to begin with – they’re more zen, more appreciative of life, more in tune with what matters in life. But alas, not everyone is onboard with their new found revitialised spirituality, their kumbayah languidness and so they slowly but subtlely begin judging, demanding, coercing the world to adapt to them or be seen as the enemy.

It ain’t pretty and that’s where the trouble starts …

Mackenzie Sheppard’s Donny the Drone harnesses this scenario is powerful and very clever ways as a drone become sentient, then more knowing and insightful and then … well watch and find out …


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