Trees, dancing and the end of everything: Legion debuts season 2 trailer

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The first full-length trailer for the FX drama’s return sees David (Dan Stevens) coming back from God knows where. Time has clearly gone by for the rest of the Summerland group and things are different. David’s pals have joined forces with their mortal enemies at Division III to fight the real enemy: Amahl Farouk (a.k.a. the Shadow King). (synopsis (c) EW)

How I love the technicolour weirdness and madness of Legion!

If you were a faithful reader of the Marvel comics on which the series is based, you would no doubt have been expecting the trippy headrush that was Legion’s first gloriously darkly loopy first series; but for those of us who came in cold, the show was a rush of literally insane images, feelings and sensations.

The reason the show was so compelling to watch, action sequences aside, was that it had a core of real narrative substance, insightfully commenting on everything from the debilitating effects of mental health battles and how they can seriously muck with your ability to tell reality from fantasy, actual danger from imagined attacks.

Which is kind of a problem when you’re a mutant with seriously off-the-scale powers, like David, and everyone wants you, and will do whatever it takes to get you.

Series 2, which comes with a trailer that is suitably dense, clever, and lalala crazy all at once, looks to promise more of the same with a new enemy, trips through the landscapes of the soul and mind … and yes, trees and dancing.

Legion season 2 premieres on 3 April on FX.


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