Weekend pop art: One man and his girlfriend in a host of animation styles

Adventure Time (image via Mashable (c) Kells O’Hickey)


The Bee Gees once rather harmoniously asked “How deep is your love?” (let’s be fair they asked they asked everything that way and it sounded SOOOO sweet)

One person who doesn’t need to ask or even have that question answered is the partner of illustrator Kells O’Hickey who gave his beloved ample proof of his deep and undying love in the form of illustrations of the couple in the style of some cartoons du jour.

Ranging from Bob’s Burgers to The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z to Adventure Time, the ten illustrations are a lot of fun, full of love and yes Lindsay loved them:

“On Christmas Eve, when we both got off work, we exchanged gifts.

“She ripped the tissue paper off, grabbed the drawings and ignored the other gifts in there for about 30 minutes as she carefully paged through the drawings. When Linds finished, her eyes looked pretty puffy, she jumped on me and gave me a huge hug and kiss, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I love you to the moon and back,'” he continued. “It was perfect, her reaction nearly made me cry.” (source: Mashable)

So there you are – if you’re a talented illustrator, and O’Hickey most definitely is, this is the best, most complete way to your loved one’s heart, no questions needed.


Dragon Ball Z (image via Mashable (c) Kells O’Hickey)


Bob’s Burgers (image via Mashable (c) Kells O’Hickey)


Rick & Morty (image via Mashable (c) Kells O’Hickey)


The Simpsons (image via Mashable (c) Kells O’Hickey)

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