You bet your chimichangas Deadpool should get an Oscar nomination!


When you hear people talk earnestly and loftily about the movies that will be nominated for this years’ Oscars, films like Jackie, Manchester by the Sea, Loving, Moonlight and La La Land, among a number of worthy contenders,  are mentioned as likely to get a nomination for Best Picture come tomorrow Australia time (24th US time).

You don’t often hear Deadpool, last year’s irreverent, hilarious, superhero  movie-template-breaking smash hit mentioned but that, as we, and The Washington Post know, is a major, unforgivable oversight.

Thankfully Ryan Reynolds, armed with the same in-your-face wit that made Deadpool such a standout film last year, is not letting that stop him, pitching his film as worthy of Oscars recognition, if only for the use of three good walls and one broken one.

Or the use of 600lbs of chimichangas which as we all know is essential for the production of any Oscar movie worth its salt.

You can only hope that this deeply persuasive video – hell I’m not even a member of the Academy and I’m ready to vote for it! – sways enough hearts and minds in Tinseltown so that Reynolds, in assless chaps naturally, can claim the award that is so rightly, and piss-takingly, his and his alone.


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