You can ask Saoirse Ronan 73 questions! Well, vicariously anyway

Saoirse Ronan will next be seen, for Aussie audiences at least, in On Chesil Beach – but who is she really? (image via IMP Awards)


While packing for an Ireland-bound flight, Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan answers 73 questions from Vogue. Saoirse talks about her famously difficult first name, the causes closest to her heart, and best advice she’s ever received. (synopsis via Laughing Squid (c) Conde Nast Entertainment)

You only have to see Saoirse Ronan in a single interview, yep, just the one, to appreciate just how grounded and appealingly down to earth she is.

Even as she rockets into the loftiest firmaments of the Hollywood-o-sphere and is justly lauded for her superlative acting which enriches every movie she’s in such as the luminously good Brooklyn, she remains steadfastly warm, friendly and approachable.

Sure she likely has a PR person hovering behind her at all times, and no doubt that was the case with this wonderful piece for Vogue, but she somehow makes even scripted moments like this feel grounded and personable, a talent that money or good coaching can’t buy.

She is, I think, simply a genuinely nice person and when you’re that nice, it just percolates through everything you do.

Trust me, it’s gloriously evident in this video which will have you smiling with joy that someone like Saoirse Ronan is part of our life, even from afar.


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