You’re off and running with Scandinavian whimsicality with Moomin’ Move!

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My oh my but doesn’t augmented reality stir up a hornet’s nest of reactions!

On the surface, they’re fun electronic games that have “escaped” into the real world, giving people the chase to go on the hunt for characters and treasures, alone or together, and get some exercise in the process too.

Harmless and enjoyable really, killjoy naysayers aside, and Moomin’ Move, based on the beloved characters created by Tove Jansson, looks to be very much in that mold, giving those of us who love the world of the Moomins a chance to dive, or walk/run, into their magically clever Moominvalley world (and add friends, go on quests and find unique items at places like the Moomin cafes – The Star)

Previously only available to this in Finland, the latest update has seen the game, launched in July 2017, go truly global, part of a wave of new Moomin material which includes the upcoming animated series, Moominland.

You can download Moomin Move via or via Apple Store and Google Play.



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