“Chewie, we’re home”: Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts teaser trailer #2 … and I’m 12 years old again

  As a crashed Imperial Star Destroyer lies wrecked on the sands of the newly-revealed desert planet of Jakku (and the Millenium Falcon, as fast as ever, flies through it with a snazzy new TIE Fighter in hot pursuit) … And a terrifying new villain straight from dark side central casting Continue Reading

Zach Be Nimble: One comedian, a piranha and Sesame Street teach us about being “quick and light”

  It goes without saying that if you want to teach a lesson well, it must involve a piranha. It’s an educational truth so self-evident that it’s a wonder every learning institution in the world isn’t equipped with a school of the cannibalistically-feisty Amazonian creatures. Sesame Street, now in its Continue Reading