The Mandalorian – “Chapter 14: “The Tragedy” (S2, E6 review) / Star Trek: Discovery – “The Sanctuary” (S3, E8 review)

THE MANDALORIAN SPOILERS AHEAD … AND MYSTIC JEDI STUFF AND WHOLLY UN-MYSTIC HUMAN STUFF TOO … The tearing sound you hear in “Chapter 14: The Tragedy” in the uniformly excellent second season of The Mandalorian is Din Djarin’s (Pedro Pascal) heart absolutely and completely breaking. Granted, you can’t see his Continue Reading

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Life, and Christmas, got you down? Even Santa his down days according to this funny, lovely ad

SNAPSHOTA humorous advertisement directed by Matias & Matias for the Norwegian Postal Service features an angry Julenissen (Santa Claus) who tells his therapist that he feels become outdated and finds himself wishing for those bygone eras in which he was welcomed inside every home across the land. He lauds a Continue Reading