A gay and a straight man walk into a press event: Alex Strangelove stars test their LGBTQ+ knowledge

Daniel Doheny and Antonio Marziale (image courtesy IMDb)


It goes without saying, but hey-ho I’m going to say it anyway, is that there are differences between the gay and straight worlds.

Not unbridgeable ones of course, and one of the loveliest most heartwarming things of the modern era (hateful trolls aside) has been to watch the straight world come to a deeper, more profound understanding of what it means to be LGBTQI+, but they’re there and one does not always completely get the other.

It makes sense – you can rarely truly know what you don’t experience. (It’s why LGBTQI+ people often have a sharper appreciation of the straight world than vice versa because it’s all around us.)

That’s why watching the gay-in-real-life co-star of the relatively new film Alex Strangelove (about one young man’s coming out in high school), Antonio Marziale (Elliott), test his straight fellow lead, Daniel Doheny (Alex Truelove), on his knowledge of all things LGBTQI+; as Them warmly notes, watch this delightful video and “you’ll gain a new appreciation for queer allies like Doheny in your life (and probably wind up with a little crush on Marziale, to boot).”

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