A perfectly funny show just got better: Bill Hader joins Brooklyn Nine-Nine

(image courtesy Fox)
(image courtesy Fox)


One of the most enjoyable ensemble sitcoms to come along in some years has been the Andy Samberg-starring Brooklyn Nine-Nine, set in the eponymous police precinct in Brooklyn, New York.

What’s set it apart from the slew of half-baked sitcoms that come and go each season, and even some of the ones that have stuck around such as 2 Broke Girls is that, occasional minor quality fluctuations aside, it marries witty scripts, inspired comic acting and a fully-formed sense of place to hilarious effect.

It is actually funny and intelligent all at once, a rare feat where sitcoms, Frasier, Parks and Recreation and Community aside (to name a few), rarely manage to combine the two with any effectiveness.

And now its back for a third season with everything in flux, as Christian Post so eloquently makes clear:

“Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has poor Jake (Andy Samberg) coming to terms with the transfer of his ‘father figure’ Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher). Seth Dozerman (Bill Hader) is now the new precinct captain, though a temporary replacement. He has a new motto that he thinks will work at the 99th precinct – “efficiency, efficiency, efficiency,” Clearly, Dozerman seems to have his foot in his mouth and is a complete antithesis to the calm and collected Captain Holt.

Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine left viewers on a bend. Captain Holt was totally manipulated and promoted to the PR department from the 99th precinct by rival Madeline Wuntch, played by Kyra Sedgwick. Gina (Chelsea Peretti), of course, follows Captain Holt to the PR department. The new captain does not get along with the 99 precinct. Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) finally kiss in the car at the end of Season 2 leaving viewers with wanting more of their romance.”

Yes indeed, that and how good old Captain Holt and Jake Peralta will find a way to best Wuntch, played with delicious, tartly-worded Bond villainry by Kyra Sedgwick.

Outwitting guns at ten paces, people!

But as this new clip shows brilliantly, much of the initial comic momentum is going to come from the relationship between Jake and temporary captain Seth Dozerman, played superbly by Bill Hader, who in my eyes can do no wrong.

That alone will make it more than worth tuning in for season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine which returns 27 September.


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