Need a delightful escape from reality? Go on a colourful adventure with Wolfboy and the Everything Factory

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Wolfboy and the Everything Factory follows Wolfboy (voiced by Kassian Akhtar), an imaginative oddball who discovers a strange realm at the center of the earth where fantastical beings called ‘Sprytes’ create things for the natural world on the surface—clouds, trees, rabbits, dreams, hiccups, memories, time… everything! With his newfound Spryte friends, Wolfboy learns that not only can he use the creative energy of the Everything Factory to make his wild imagination come to life, but that he is destined to play a central role in an age-old battle between the forces of creation and destruction. Wolfboy soon comes to realize that being different is what makes him special—and that, ultimately, it’s the oddballs and dreamers who change the world.” (official synopsis via Gizmodo)

If you have ever felt like you just didn’t fit in, then there’s a very good chance, no matter your age, that Wolfboy and the Everything Factory will be the new animated series you’ll fall in love with.

As someone who spent his childhood bullied and alone and wondering what on earth was even remotely good about reality, I am well acquainted with the impressive power of imagination to remake the world in its bright, light and wonderful image.

If it wasn’t for the new worlds and people that reading especially, but also TV shows, cartoons and movies gave me, I’m not entirely sure I would’ve made it as undamaged as I did through the worst that reality through at me when I was a kid.

For the record, I was greatly damaged by what I experienced but it was shows like Wolfboy and the Everything Factory that reminded me life could be better and my life might be something special and I can only hope it has that effect on anyone who watches this wonderful show, created by Toff Mazery and Edward Jesse, and executive produced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Gizmodo).

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory debuts on 24 September on Apple TV+

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