A whole lot of sequel fun with the living and the undead: Zombieland – Double Tap

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The original followed four strangers who meet on the road in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and, while initially at each other’s throats, they soon come to bond with each other and form a close-bonded group. Harrelson played the violent cowboy Tallahassee, Eisenberg played geeky Columbus, with Stone and Breslin playing crafty sisters Wichita and Little Rock, all characters named after the locations they are heading to.

Zombieland: Double Tap will see the return of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who have formed a sort of found family in the decade after the events of the first film. The film will feature a slew of new cast members, including Zoey Deutch, Avan Jogia, Rosario Dawson, Thomas Middleditch, Luke Wilson, and Dan Aykroyd. (synopsis (c) Coming Soon)

After my then-housemate convinced me that zombies weren’t as scary as I thought and got me to watch The Walking Dead – well, until it went royally to you-know-what; thankfully Fear the Walking Dead remains as compelling to watch as ever – I dived headlong into most of the genre of the undead to see if anything else might pique my interest.

Zombieland was one movie that only got me to sit up and pay attention but to realise that it was possible to have a great deal of fun with what is now a wholly over-exposed premise.

It was, and is, smartly-written, brilliantly-acted by four actors who have gone onto bigger and better things, cleverly-insightful and funny, damn funny.

Granted, there are now are movies and TV shows out there that have made merry with the idea of the world going to hell in an undead handbasket such as Z Nation, Shaun of the Dead and Anna and the Apocalypse to name a few, but Zombieland remains in a gloriously good class of its own, which is why the idea of sequel, for which we know have a trailer and a poster, is such an unmitigated joy.

If zombies were a hoot, and frankly they’re not but hey they’re dead so not many laughs to be had there, then they would be Zombieland: Double Tap which opens in Australia on 10 October, USA 11 October and UK on 18 October.

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