Bookstore and libraries are wonderful! This film montage celebrates all the reasons why

(image via YouTube)
(image via YouTube)


If you are a booklover like me, it’s highly likely you have spent a great deal of time in bookstores this festive season choosing amazing, thrilling, enticing, fun, sad, thoughtful books as presents for those you love.

Of course I don’t need a particular season as an excuse to inhabit a bookstore or library for hours on end but Christmas is a wonderful time to treat your loved ones to the gift of literature and why not use it to justify all that time spent between the shelves to those who don’t quite understand the lure of these temples to books?

Yes hard to believe but those people actually exist; I suspect though that this wonderful montage video, put together by Luis Azevedo of Beyond the Frame, which draws from a multitude of films that use libraries or bookstores as their setting , either whole or in part, may help to persuade them.

As Laughing Squid says quite perfectly, this “absolutely wonderful film montage that demonstrates the infinite joy,intrigue, wonder and knowledge that can be found amongst the many pages housed in bookstores and libraries.”

It’s a joy to watch and don’t be surprised once it finishes that you’re seized by a sudden urge to head out and luxuriate in your favourite bookstore or library and perhaps head them with a new literary world to explore.


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