Dancing with Disney: James Casey shows us how

(image via Pinterest (c) Disney)


There are a lot of wonderful things that Disney does right in its rightly-celebrated animated features.

Punchy, fun characters. Delightful catchy songs. Engrossing stories. Learnable morality tales …

… and brilliantly inventive dance sequences, the kind so perfectly executed that you’d like to get up and dance right along with the characters on screen (but you won’t since, you know, WEIRD; maybe stick to your living room?).

Video editor James Casey of The Solomon Society has brought together the cream of the dancing crop with this video which sets the montage against to Sim Gretina‘s remix of the classic Jungle Book song “I Wan’na Be like You.”

It’s a euphoric piece of heartwarming, smile-inducing video fun that will have you up and dancing! (But not in the cinema; c’mon we’ve already gone over that!)

(source: Laughing Squid)


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