Deadpool gets a really meta honest trailer thanks to Ryan Reynolds

(image via IMP Awards)
(image via IMP Awards)


Deadpool is the reason I fell in love with superhero movies.

OK, some superhero movies.

Right, to be fair, and perfectly honest, why I fell in love with Deadpool, and continue to think fondly of the far more PG Guardians of the Galaxy.

I mean, c’mon! The movie has:

(1) Ryan Reynolds being super hot and adorably fun even when he is wearing scarred by torture prosthetics
(2) A ridiculous amount of swearing which we all know is incredibly cathartic and good for relieving stress.
(3) Some of the best Fourth Wall breaking scenes I have ever seen anywhere and I have been everywhere! Well to the cinema and then home which is totally everywhere if you are a man of limited outlook (which I’m not)
(4) A willingness to flaunt convention; so yes there are the usual superhero tropes i.e. big villain, revenge tale, love story but oh my lord, doesn’t Ryan Reynolds and the team have their own in-your-face tried-and-true-narrative-device way with them!
(5) Two X-Men which really is all they could afford

And now it has it’s very own Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies starring … wait for it! … Ryan Reynolds, who out-metas our meta-obsessed time and provides some super honest commentary on the honest trailer itself.

Fourth Wall be damned! Ryan Reynolds has managed to reinvent honest trailers too. Is there nothing his gloriously foul-mouthed man who is Deadpool cannot do?

No there is not, and it’s best you finally accept that … and oh yeah, buy the DVD of the film because that’s totally why he did this video.


Speaking of spruiking a DVD, here’s the Viagra ad parody that Deadpool put together to sell what he has called “glorified drink coasters” …

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