Do you like your fantasy animation Short But Sweet? Well, you’re in luck …

(image via Vimeo (c) KLOMP! Animation)


You know how a lot of fairytales end with … “And they all lived happily ever after”?

It’s a comforting thought isn’t it? Life rarely gives anything approaching truly happy endings; hell we can barely manage mildly pleased most of the time and forget about a donut when you actually need one.

KLOMP! Animation hear your pain and in response have created not so much an endless donut maker (though lord knows that would’ve been welcome) as a snappy two minute animated short film, Short and Sweet (Kort maar krachtig), stuffed full with witty language, hilarious fairytale tropes (destined hero, damsel in distress, quest companions etc etc amusingly etc) and a gloriously ironic ending that will have you laughing like a dragon on helium.

This inspired piece of animation, which makes gloriously merry with the fantasy genre, was screened by Dutch movie theater chain Pathé before Thor: Ragnarok, and one you’ve watched this gem of a cartoon, you will completely understand what pop culture soulmates these two films are.

They go together perfectly, much life and donuts … yep, we’re still waiting for our order …

(source: io9)


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