Driving! The Coen Brothers and The Waltz of the Road

(image courtesy IMP Awards)


Original Video Essay to explore the narrative in the Coen Brothers Style. The importance of the road in all their filmography let them explore the different emotions of their characters. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

One of the great rewards of watching a film by the ridiculously-talented Coen Brothers, among many of course, is the way their films subsume you into a world where journeys of some kind or another are a constant.

They don’t have to be epic journeys necesarily; in fact, some of the most impacting scenes in their films have involved travelling here and there for the most banal and day-to-day of reasons.

Video editor Rick Perales pays homage to the visual and thematic richness of these journeys in his wordless, atmosphere rich video essay which uses footage from films like Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Hail, Caesar!, and No Country for Old Men to explore the role that driving and roads play in the films.

In the process, you are taken on a sublime journey of your own, reminded at every turn of the wheel and bend in the road of the narrative richness of these esteemed filmmakers who find the transformative in the relatively simple act of going from A to B.


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