Hey Mad Max! Meet Happy Feet … you’re welcome

(image via YouTube)


I am betting, and yes I have been known to partake in games of chance and gambling on occasion – OK once, ONCE, and as a result my great aunt decided I had a chronic gambling addiction – that none of you have ever thought to combine the sweet, uplifting lilt of Happy Feet with the grim, apocalyptic earthiness of Mad Max: Fury Road.

But thankfully for those of us unwilling or unable to think so widely outside the cinematic box, YouTube user PaganMin has blended the two seemingly disparate properties – the only connection being that both were made by screenwriter/producer/director George Miller – and done a superb job of it.

Honestly, odd as it might sound to say so, it’s hard to believe the two films haven’t always belonged together; in fact, surely after this brilliant piece of editing, an apocalyptic penguin can’t be too far off?

Throw in some zombies and an alien invasion and I am totally there.


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