I sense a disturbance in the LEGO, Luke: Final Star Wars trailer gets bricked up

Han Solo in LEGO form (Image via YouTube)
Han Solo in LEGO form (Image via YouTube (c) Workshop LEGO animations)


There is nothing in this world that can’t be made better, or at least wonderfully and entertainingly different, by the addition of a LEGO version of its trailer.

And this definitely applies to the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens which receives a LEGO-ised version of one of its earlier trailers – frankly there are so many different trailers, TV spots and clips out now that it’s easy to lost track although EW is doing its best to make sure you don’t – courtesy of Workshop LEGO Animations.

While you have to agree with EW that this LEGO take on the upcoming Star Wars film “might rob the trailer of some of its most tense dramatic moments”, it also has a lot going for it and does a delightful job of proving that even LEGO exists in a galaxy “far, far away” …

“The trailer blends Lego minifigs and landscapes with actual footage from the trailer as the original audio plays. So while the landscapes of Jakku mix Lego pallets with real-life horizons, details like Darth Vader’s melted mask and TIE Fighter fights take an all-Lego focus.”

Even if we only have two days at the time of this posting until the film itself is with us in full, it’s still worth watching this a few times to remind yourself that childlike wonder never gets old, no matter the franchise or the format.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens 17 December 2015 worldwide.


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