It’s the things we do that mean the most: John Lewis unveils its 2022 Christmas ad

(courtesy YouTube (c) John Lewis & Partners)

This Christmas it’s about what we do that matters most. That’s why we used our advert this Christmas to highlight an issue close to hearts, so that together, we can be a force for positive change for a generation of young people growing up in care or who have experienced being in care. We want every young person to feel valued and seen and have the same opportunity for a happier Christmas and a happier future. (courtesy Laughing Squid)

There are more than a few people who think Christmas is all too commercial.

Maybe it is and maybe it’s all about shopping dollars and crowded malls; but I also like to think it’s still an awful lot about joy and caring and loving others, all the good things we say we value in the value in the season.

That’s why I upload the John Lewis Christmas ad every year; not because I necessarily want to promote a UK retailing establishment – though really, what’s the harm there? – but because, by and large, they zero on something I value about the season and they talk about in really touching form.

This year’s ad especially ticks that box, centering in person’s body-bruising quest to get ready for a new arrival and a Christmas they hope will be the beginning of a changed life.

It can’t help but touch you, and while yes, it’s partially there to make John Lewis look good, it’s also there to make a real difference in peoples’ lives and that’s what makes me love it and want to watch it and which makes it feel like an inalienable part of Christmas for me.

And here’s the story behind this year’s ad …

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