Jasmine the greyhound and the healing power of a gentle soul

(image via YouTube (c) Feeln Network)


In 2015, The Feeln Network posted a beautiful animation that told the amazing story of Jasmine the greyhound. In 2003, police in Warwickshire, West Midlands England came upon a locked barn from where they heard the pitiful whimpering of a young greyhound who had been abandoned and starved. The compassionate officers brought this skittish little dog to the Nuneaton Wildlife Sanctuary, where she was given her name and provided with the care she needed. Jasmine was still wary of humans, but she settled in to a routine of caring for other animals at the preserve including dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and even an owl. As Jasmine brought healing to these animals, she allowed herself to relax around humans thus healing herself. Jasmine remained at the sanctuary, amongst all of her friends until her death in 2011. (wording (c) Laughing Squid)

It’s been long recognised that animals bring with them an amazing ability to heal.

Everyone from people with Alzheimers to military veterans with PTSD, kids on the autism spectrum and disabled people and many more besides have found comfort, love and emotional nourishment with all manner of creatures great and small.

The story of an abandoned greyhound called Jasmine who found love and a purpose at a Nuneaton Wildlife Sanctuary in England is a profoundly-moving example of how lives of not just people but other animals, many from traumatised backgrounds, are changed by the presence of just the right animal.

It’s a gorgeous story and though Jasmine is gone now, her memory lives on in the lives of all the animals she helped.


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