Join the monsters at Pixar’s Party Central!

Let's get this party started! (image via  (c) Pixar/Disney)
Let’s get this party started! (image via (c) Pixar/Disney)


If the impending wonderment and hilarity of Muppets Most Wanted wasn’t enough, we have the inordinate pleasure, and yes even more hilarity, of a new Pixar short in the form of Party Central, featuring the gang from Monsters University.

Originally scheduled to screen before The Good Dinosaur before its release date was pushed from 2014 to 2015, Party Central, which Moviefone assures us, is a ““wildly entertaining bit of filmmaking so packed with insane detail that, as soon as it’s over, begs to be re-watched”, has now been paired with the eagerly awaited new Muppets film.

First screened at last year’s D-23 Expo staged by Disney which previews the Mouse House’s upcoming project to its über fans, it centres on the valiant attempt by dorky fraternity Oozma Kappa to stage the party to end all parties.

Unfortunately they aren’t exactly known as the throwers of have-to-be-at parties and so no one but the eager then deflated members of the frat turn up.


Instal a “door station”, the magical doors which allow the monsters to move from fixed point to fixed point with minimal effort – think Star Trek transporters without the risk of being reassembled in the wrong order – at a successful party and wait for the guests there to stumble into your less than stellar event.

Of course it won’t quite work out as planned and will be the party to remember for all the wrong reasons, but points to Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully  (John Goodman) for giving it a shot!

And kudos to the director Kelsey Mann (here is his interview with Moviefone) for the inspiration for this cartoon gem which will be the perfect entree to Muppets Most Wanted, which opens 21 March in USA and 24 April in Australia.



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