Jumpy lives to jump! Video game character goes all out to win

(image via Vimeo (c) Anthony Falleroni)


I’ll be honest – I have never really played video games.

Largely because I am stupendously bad at them – I may have been gifted with the ability to write but that was not accompanied, and frankly why would it be, with deft hand-eye coordination.

So video games remain a rare and largely unexplored land for me.

But gosh damn if all the games were as cute, and slyly subversive, and emotionally real as Jumpy, then I might just be tempted to get my pixelated gaming on.

After all, given how well I handle frustration and blocked goals, it’s fair to say Jumpy and I are spirit animals of a kind (with synthy blippy sounds to match).

Now to go and beat the heck out of the game …

(source: Gizmodo)


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