Knock! Knock! Lucas the Spider tries to make a new, rather frantic, friend

(image via YouTube (c) Josh Slice)

How could you not want to be friends with Lucas the Spider?

The creation of Josh Slice, and voiced by his nephew, is sublimely, delightfully innocent, a spider who firmly believes friendship comes before everything else.

Thing is, no one has the fly he once tried (successfully) to befriend, and the latest target of his affection, a cuckoo clock bird, is less interested in getting a bromance going with Lucas as it is marking the hour every hour in its customary manner.

Dear, sweet guileless Lucas doesn’t know that the cuckoo bird is incapable of being his buddy and pal, and watching his try to win his resistant friend-to-be over is a joy on every level.

If a little sad for Lucas who, alas, is never going to succeed on this particular quest …

(source: Laughing Squid)

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