Last year’s movies re-imagined in LEGO? Yes please mr minifig!

Jurassic World - LEGO dinosaurs anyone? (image via YouTube (c) Toscano Bricks)
Jurassic World – LEGO dinosaurs anyone? (image via YouTube (c) Toscano Bricks)


I have long maintained, and there are the copious numbers of blog posts to prove it, that everything looks better with a LEGO doppelgänger (likely the product of a childhood given over to much playing with the famous Danish building locks and a constant drip of pop culture goodness through books, TV shows and movies).

Clearly a lot of people agree with me – and how could they do not honestly? – if the constant avalanche of LEGO takes on everything from TV shows and music videos to movie trailers is concerned.

One stellar example of this never-ceasing trend (long may it continue), brought to my attention by the great folks at Gizmodo is a video from the highly-creative Anthony Toscano from Toscano Bricks who have imagined what key scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Wire, The Martian, Ant-Man and a host of 2015’s other big films would look like rendered in brightly-coloured plastic blocks with minfigs playing the part of the characters.

The results are well-nigh perfect, with the greatest attraction, sagely notes Gizmodo, being that fact that you get to watch “minifigs perform as Hollywood superstars”.

So grab some (real) popcorn – or fake; your call – and sit back and watch  a year of cinematic treats come at you LEGO-style.


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