Let your heart be light: It’s beginning to look like A Legendary Christmas

A very festive John Legend (image courtesy official John Legend Twitter account)


Christmas makes me happy. Very happy.

And Christmas music makes me even happier.

There is something ineffably beautiful and wondrous about it that makes me feel like absolutely everything is going to be OK; it may not be, but oh, it feels that way and that’s enough for me.

John Legend is one of those artists who makes me feel happy indeed, so news that he is releasing a holiday album, naturally titled A Legendary Christmas, has left ridiculously happy just over two months out from the big tinsel-draped, eggnog-soaked day itself.

Due out 26 October, and announced in the very best of ways …



Is that all my festive friends from one John Legend this Christmas time? Why no, as well as the two songs released below – there will be eight classics and six brand new songs on the album – there will be a tour. Alas, not in Australia, but if you’re in the following cities, you are most definitely in luck.


(image courtesy official John Legend Twitter account)


But hey for the rest of us, there are two songs now – the classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and the all-new song “Bring me Love” – and a whole lot more in just six short days. Jingle away everyone!



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