Spooked! Simon’s Cat thinks something creepy over yonder lies

Boo! What’s there? Only Simon’s Cat knows for sure (image via YouTube (c) Simon’s Cat)


Upon waking from a satisfying Halloween nap, a languid Simon’s Cat deliciously stretched the sleep out of his limbs while staring at a picture on the wall behind the bed. After he was fully awake, the relaxed kitty suddenly became pensive and suspicious all the while staring at that wall. Not even Simon himself could get his cat’s attention long enough to tempt him with food for the first time ever.

Eventually, Simon’s cat relented, jumped off the bed and startled his concerned human. Before leaving the room, Simon double checked the picture on the wall and headed out the door. Neither man nor cat could have expected what happened next. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

I have been a cat person all my life.

After many years living with and observing there’s one thing I can, lovingly, say for sure – cats be weird.

As Spooked! the latest Halloween animated short from Simon’s Cat amply demonstrates, they can also unnerve the hell out of you when they start “seeing” things you can’t and won’t let it go, even to eat, which is frankly unheard of when you’re a cat.

There could be an explanation for it which is that cats, like dogs and other animals, can perceive ultraviolet light and picks up on pheromones and scents we simply can’t.

Or there is a scary ghost in the corner of your room and your cat can see it.

Yeah, I’m going with the first option too.


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2 thoughts on “Spooked! Simon’s Cat thinks something creepy over yonder lies

  1. I am addicted to Simon’s Cat. And like you, I have been a cat person all my life. Although I only have one rescue kitty ( a black cat named Raven), I have long suffered with OCD–obsessive cat disorder 😉

    I’m in complete agreement that cats can see things that aren’t there.

  2. He’s a joy to watch and honestly captures the cats I’ve been privileged to spend with through my life perfectly. Best not to think about what they can see I think though lol

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