Weekend Pop Art: Bright Disney, Dark Burton

Dumbo (image (c) Andrew Tarusov)


Life is all about the light and dark, the fun-filled and the horror-packed, the exuberantly sunshine-y and the bleakly maudlin.

That’s why, much as I adore Disney and it’s cute and quirky take on things, I love it when someone like, oh say, artist Andrew Tarusov subverts those squeaky-clean, life is nothing but fairy floss and happy moments (Bambi excepted) moments with a Burton-esque take on the world.

After all, if you dig down, much of Burton’s oeuvre is sweetly dark, bleakly hopeful, affirmingly dire, just like life itself which is never as clearcut as many storytellers would like it to be, and so Tarusov’s eye-catching art, which you can view at his portfolio site and on Facebook, fits the bill perfectly.

You can only hope that Disney, which has a cartoon-to-live-action obsession at the moment – not so bad if they’re all as delightful as Beauty and the Beast – is paying attention and gets Burton and Tarusov together to make sweet animated magic.


101 Dalmatians (image (c) Andrew Tarusov)


Bambi (image (c) Andrew Tarusov)


Sleeping Beauty (image (c) Andrew Tarusov)


Pinocchio (image (c) Andrew Tarusov)

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