Mr. Roosevelt: Just like a Pinterest board come to life … or not

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Mr. Roosevelt follows a young comedian named Emily (Wells), who leaves Los Angeles for her hometown of Austin after the titular character falls ill. There, she winds up rooming with the ex-boyfriend (Nick Thune) she dumped to move to L.A. — and his seemingly flawless new girlfriend, Celeste (Britt Lower). (synopsis via EW)

If you’ve been alive for longer than five minutes, and I’m guessing that’s the case if you’re reading this post since, you know, babies generally suck at literacy, you will have realised that life comes with its own set of contradictory, none-too-pleasant lunacy.

Sometimes we get things right, sometimes we don’t and most of the time we land somewhere rather uncomfortably in the awkwardly grey middle where we’re left to muddle our way through in the hopes of getting somewhere both useful and satisfying.

However our lives play out, it’s never clean and neat and is almost always supremely messy, a truism that Saturday Night Live and Master of None alum Noel Weels explore in her SXSW-debuting film Mr. Roosevelt.

According to Variety she explores it rather well:

“This riotously endearing comedy is substantially funnier, sharper, and more peculiar than that premise is bound to make it sound. While its knowing touch for the rhythms of Austin life make it a perfect fit for SXSW, the film has potential to travel much further, and announces Wells as a behind-the-camera talent worth watching.”

So … outstanding execution, funny delivery and life truths – what’s not to like? (Psst Celeste, we don’t like Celeste. Pass it on.)

Mr. Roosevelt premiered at SXSW in March this year and opens in USA on 27 October.


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