Noisy Furniture: A horror movie of interior furnishings that go bump in the night

(image via Laughing Squid (c) Daniel Koren)
(image via Laughing Squid (c) Daniel Koren)


It’s happened to all of us.

We’re lying in bed, drifting off to sleep when suddenly something creaks, or something clicks or something seem to rustle or move.

Yep, it’s those good old things that go bump in the night. What could they be and will our house end up featuring in an episode of syfy’s Paranormal Witness?

All good questions and Brooklyn-based comedian Daniel Koren is fairly sure he knows the answers.

It’s your furniture people – it’s making noises, and it’s most definitely out to get you. The dings, the creaks, the scratches and bleeps – they’re the sounds of your furniture coming to get to in a domesticity-laden horror movie that can only end when you’re burning chairs in the middle of snowy forests.

Well maybe not but Koren’s hilarious fake movie trailer, Noisy Furniture, might leave you wondering where your chair is really as benign as it looks and whether you should think about taking an axed to IKEA next time you visit.

You have been warned … and no, I wouldn’t sit there if I was you OK?

(source: Laughing Squid)


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