Now this is music #59: Paris Wells, Moguai ft. Cheat Codes, Transviolet, DWNTWN, Pell

Now this is music 59 MAIN


I hear ya – it’s Friday and frankly you’ve only got enough energy left to dial up the local pizza place, twist the top off a bottle of wine and collapse on the couch to watch “Real Surviving Housewives of the Amazing Race” or something.

But sometimes, and hear me out here as you sink into a sea of snoozy “Zs”, throwing some thumpingly energetic music into the music, the kind that bristles with a thousand different sensations and a million enlivening beats, can be just what the exhausted-beyond-belief doctor ordered.

And these 5 artists, all of whom have something to say and great big melodies with which to say it, certainly fit the bill.

You may still end up on the couch, wine in hand, but at least you’ll have danced your way there first.


“Overbite” by Paris Wells


Paris Wells (image courtesy official Paris Wells Facebook page)
Paris Wells (image courtesy official Paris Wells Facebook page)


There is a delicious energy and funk, and dare I say even some fun attitude in “Overbite” by Melbourne, Australia-based singer/songwriter, Paris Wells.

And as a result it is INSANELY fantastically addictive.

The refrain “Boogie Oogie Oogie Oggie … Slide” echoes through the song like a playful invite (one of many brilliantly memorable lyrical lines), the insistent beat pounding away over a swirling melody that moves in and out like a dancer taking the stage and exiting again.

There is boogie aplenty and an empowering, own-who-you-are real message says Wells, according to triple j unearthed:

“She refers to her ‘overbite’ because “it’s one of the physical attributes I personally used to struggle with. I hated my mouth and was very self-conscious of it, when the irony dawned on me, it’s one of the most important parts of who I am. It carries my voice, my laugh, my smile and my ability to drink Champagne for breakfast. So I decided to MAKE WAY FOR THE OVERBITE'”

There is a refreshing authenticity and fun and yes an insane need to dance all through this song.




“Hold On” by Moguai ft. Cheat Codes


Moguai ft. Cheat Codes (via Your Music Radar)
Moguai ft. Cheat Codes (via Your Music Radar)


There’s a bright breezy to this song.

It’s a melodically rich piece of danceable house pop that comes across a piece of self-affirmation as the singer urges himself to “Hold on” to the idea of love.

It less to do with holding on and acknowledging that there is a bond between him and the object of his love and he simply needs to hold on to that.

The beat is gorgeously upbeat, as energising as the message with a lot to recommend as Beatport notes:

“Intense piece of vocal house by Moguai here, dropping soulful vocals with fetching pop elements. Hold On burns bright thanks to the fetching guitar chords and electric effects, while Cheat Codes works wonders here, touching you straight in the heart, making this one of those essential deep house tunes of the moment.”

Keep on dancing and hold on!



“New Bohemia” by Transviolet


Transviolet (image courtesy Transviolet Facebook page)
Transviolet (image courtesy Transviolet Facebook page)


Taking things down a notch, but only just, “New Bohemia” by new Los Angeles band Transviolet is a mid-tempo slice of anthemic pop unless it’s hits the chorus when everything explodes into a rousing, thrilling reminder that “we are the new bohemia”.

The song gives those goosebumps up the spine that let you know this is affecting in all the best possible ways.

There’s a visceral thing to the song which does what really good pop should do – make you feel something profoundly great, even if it’s only for the 3 minutes you’re listening to the song.

And as Hillydilly notes, “New Bohemia” has so much going for it that will easily bolster the buzz about them as a band to watch:

“As with their previous works, the production is imbued with a sleek and vivacious energy. The composed synth arrangements are punctuated by sharp, striking percussion, and the vocals captivate through their glorious harmony and choral hooks.”



“Compact Disco” by DWNTWN


DWNTWN (image courtesy official DWNTWN facebook page)
DWNTWN (image courtesy official DWNTWN facebook page)


DWNTWN describe this as “dreamy synth pop” and according to their Facebook page released it even though it didn’t make the cut for their new EP because “we wanted you to hear it anyway cuz we like it and think you will too.”

That’s an enormously cool attitude and I’m glad they heeded that inner voice urging them to release the song into the universe because it’s a damn fine catchy song that recalls lazy beautiful nights on the dancefloor getting your retro disco groove on.

There’s a real relaxed vibe to this song that transport to a delightfully chilled place, one you can quite happily drive to, linger with, bliss out to … whatever your music-loving heart desires.



“Queso” by Pell


Pell (image courtesy official Pell Facebook page)
Pell (image courtesy official Pell Facebook page)


My lord but this song has cracking great energy.

It’s infectious enthusiasm packed into a resoundingly catchy song “Queso” by New Orleans-based rapper and producer Pell – it’s one of the singles lifted form his album LIMBO, who knows his way around a melodic, beat-laden hook and then some.

It’s hard to stay seated through any part of this song, especially when it picks up speed, anchored by “sun-kissed percussion and vivid bass” (Pigeons and Planes) and Pell’s brilliantly bright vocals dancing with a colourful mid-tempo vibrancy across the top.

It’s smooth, it’s funky and worth repeating over and over while you groove to it and blast the cobwebs right away with all the rhythm you can muster.

And trust me, “Queso” will summon up rhythm you didn’t know you had!





Psy, he of the viral song sensation “Gangnam Style” is back with a new song “Daddy” featuring CL of K-Pop band 2NE1!

And yes it’s just as bonkers and as much fun as you’d expect.


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