Once Upon a Deadpool: Way less raunch, far more charity fundraising

(image via Bleeding Cool)


Deadpool 2 returns!

But it is not as you remember it; specifically it is coming back into theatres, sans the expletives, the raunchiness, the hilariously crass irreverence and yes, everything that made it the scourge of conservative parents groups everywhere.

What you might ask is the point of all that profane neutering which is so complete that star Ryan Reynolds, on social posts advertising the poster that graces this post, made joking reference, notes Bleeding Cool, to “the lack of F-words in the movie including ‘the only F word in this movie is Fred Aaron Savage’ and ‘a fairytale that gives zero F’s.'”

Well, my good friends, it’s all comes down to a sudden spare spot in 20th Century Fox’s schedule which needed filling and the studio’s need to fill it.



The brand-new squeaky clean cut was only agreed to under a specific condition by the man who is, and forever more shall be, Deadpool.

“This isn’t just a version of the movie that could air on TV hastily thrown into theaters. This is a version with new footage, likely a framing device, hastily thrown into theaters. However, $1 from every ticket sale will go to the “fuck cancer” campaign as per star Ryan Reynolds conditions for releasing the cut.” (Bleeding Cool)

So yeah, Christmas is madly busy so should you go and see Deadpool 2 all over again, now with added cleanness and family-ness? In any other instance, I’d say no but hey it’s for charity so definitely worth a viewing.

You can just swear inside your head while you’re watching it OK?

UPDATE 20/11/2018
We have a trailer. A Princess Bride/UP trailer that may not be raunchy but is still ridiculously, wonderfully funny, and possessed of a rather wicked wit as Nerdist notes:

“Though the trailer may be free of Deadpool‘s trademark cussing, the film has definitely retained the original’s edgy sense of humor. When Fred mentions that he prefers Marvel movies, and Deadpool tells him this is a Marvel movie, Fred responds, ‘Yeah, but you’re Marvel licensed by Fox. It’s almost like if the Beatles were produced by Nickelback. It’s music, but it sucks.'”

Yeah Deadpool still got it! Laugh away … non-obscenely, if you please …


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