Opa! It’s time for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) and Toula (Nia Vardalos) in full flight (image via Coming Soon)
Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) and Toula (Nia Vardalos) in full flight (image via Coming Soon)


Gold Circle Entertainment and HBO present the Playtone production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, written by Academy Award nominee Vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites. The movie picks up with Toula and Ian struggling to find time for each other while managing their lives and a teenage daughter. A Portokalos family secret will be revealed and bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding. (synopsis via Coming Soon)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, purportedly the biggest romantic comedy of all time, came out in 2002 when I was driving my way across Alberta in search of glaciers, moose and some dinosaurs remains.

On my first very cold day in Calgary – it turned out to be something like 6 degrees below freezing which for an Aussie used to mild winters was quite a shock to the system – I decided to seek out the warmth of a cinema and see this new movie that everyone was talking about.

This was back in the days when the internet was nowhere the information disseminating behemoth it is now and so I went in to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding on a whim, figuring at the very least I’d get a good laugh.

What I got was a brilliantly funny, intelligent and sweet film that was a definite cut above the usual rom-com fare, and wrapped itself around like the big caring family it so beautifully brought to life.

Granted I was still alone when I walked out of the cinema but I didn’t feel that way, reminded with more laughs, fabulously larger-than-life characters and gently affectionate insights than I could count, that you were never really far from family.

Especially when you’re a loving, if accidentally intrusive big fat Greek family.

And now to my inestimable delight the gang is back in all their glory with a whole new wedding to plan and some hilariously delivered life lessons.

It all looks charming, heartwarming and wonderful and I can’t see myself not RSVPing to this gem of a sequel.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 opens on 25 March 2016.


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