Queens of the Stone Age and Fred Armisen of “Portlandia” unite!

(image via theobelisk.net


I am a huge fan of Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia), a gifted comedian who is able to inhabit all sorts of guises with aplomb and bring characters to life with believability and a straight face (hard when they’re as funny as they usually are).

One of those characters is Ricky Chism of Do Stuff Corporation, a man chosen by rock gods Queens of the Stone Age to publicise the release of their amazing new album Like Clockwork on an 8GB USB flash drive, along with all sort of extra goodies like high res photos, original artworks and all the music videos.

It’s a funny, highly original way to get some attention for a release, and my thanks to the wonderful people at pitchfork.com to bringing it to my attention.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some bottles to open with my new Like Clockwork USB drive which handily doubles as a bottle opener …


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